Car driving in a curve

Would You Buy an Electric Porsche or Mercedes?

July 9, 2018

Luxury car makers such as Porsche and Mercedes-Benz plan to capitalize on the popularity of electric vehicles by launching their own line. An industry forecast showed that they will invest $105 billion in doing so. […]


Extreme Land, Sea, and Air Adventures in Miami

June 27, 2018

Miami offers a ton of activities for those looking for thrills and adventure. The sunny weather is perfect for extreme sports the whole year round, after all. With so many to choose from, it could […]

Car sales agent giving the key

Get the Best Value When Buying Your Car

June 26, 2018

Going by the growing car sales here in Auckland, many people are keen to take charge of their transportation schedules. Buying a car is a major decision and, in most cases, it is the second […]

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Auto Trends

Make Your RV Ready for the Road

June 15, 2018

Having an RV means going to many beautiful places. It means saving on airfare and accommodations and having an excellent road trip with your family. While planning your itinerary, it is also important to plan […]

Receiving Key for the New Car

These Types of People Need Their Own Car

June 8, 2018

Before they were designed for luxury, cars were made out of a necessity. The first automotive engines were made to transport people across various destinations when horse carriages went out of use. Now, anyone can […]