3 Top Hacks to Get Your UTV to Last Longer

After shelling out money at the 6×6 Argo UTV dealership to get the right extreme-terrain vehicle for your needs, the top thing on your mind now is how to get it to last, well, forever. You’ve come to the right place.

With these three tips, you can add decades to your precious investment.

Adhere to the break-in procedure

Your first impulse after driving your UTV from the showroom is probably to spend the weekend spinning it in a mud pit to see how well it performs. But wait. Your UTV needs a bit of time to get more used to operating. So, slow down and give it enough time to do so.

Otherwise, you’ll be back at the dealer’s store with a broken down UTV within a week. Sure, you’ll get the problem fixed, but you may have to incur a fat repair bill.

Change the oil regularly

You’ve never failed to change the oil in your other vehicles, so why would you do that to your brand new UTV? Keep in mind that while the truck needs gas to go, the oil will keep it running for decades. Therefore, identify a suitable oil for the vehicle and be sure to check it often, replacing it as required.

Keep your UTV clean

No, there’s no excuse for driving around your UTV with mud all over it just because the truck is, after all, an off-road vehicle. First, a dirty truck is an eyesore, period. Secondly, all that dirt and grime on your vehicle’s body will soon cause rust that eats into your UTV’s body.

And with time, accumulated dirt will find its way into your vehicle’s engine and mess up its performance.

Keeping your UTV healthy is not a hidden secret that only pros are privy to. Rather, it’s a simple matter of discipline when it comes to maintenance.