A Car Worth the Sale: What You Should Know

Some people welcome a new chapter of their lives with a new car. After years of driving a trusted model, they decide it’s time for some changes. After all, who would not want to welcome a new car to the family?

That first drive comes with new feelings, but so does the last drive with your old model — especially if you plan to sell it. It’s not just the feeling of nostalgia; there is also the anxiety that comes with selling an old car.

Wreckers are always a good option; they can accept your car in whatever condition. But for people who want new buyers, there are some factors to remember.

Christchurch Wreckers encourages car owners to not let their old, unwanted vehicles ‘rot away’. Before you sell the vehicle, take care of a couple factors first. This way, you can properly bid goodbye to your vehicle.

Buyers want to know the history of your car, particularly in terms of maintenance and repair. Vehicle service records contain information concerning the previous problems with your car and your resolutions. To learn more about your car, buyers usually look for these files.

If You Do Not Have Them, You Might Lose the Sale

Carelessness with service records results in the lack of proof when selling your car. How can you prove to buyers that the vehicle is in good condition? Negotiation is difficult without the maintenance records.

Excess Modifications

A few tweaks and changes can make your car look awesome. Too much, however, might have the opposite effect when coming up with your vehicle’s price.

Excessive customisation does not often sit well with new buyers. Some of them might have different preferences compared to yours. Instead of adding too much to the car, keep your vehicle in the same condition.

Vehicles that are rusty and difficult to buy are perfect for local car wreckers. But if it is still in good condition (and comes complete with service records), you can add new buyers to your list of options.