A Surreal Benefit for Service Members: Buying a Vehicle Overseas

Steering Wheel and Dashboard of a car

Imagine finishing your one-year stint in Germany and getting back stateside with your new BMW and your family welcoming you. Lucky for you and your fellow service members serving abroad, you can turn this fantasy into a reality.

Get your dream vehicle by making the most of BMW military car sales programs from firms such as Bavarian Motor Cars that will give you special benefits and discounted rates.

But do not start daydreaming about traveling down the freeway on your new wheels with your wife on your side and the kids at the back just yet. First things first, familiarize yourself with the benefits and basics of the program.


As long as you are U.S. service personnel on TDY or PCS orders outside your country, then you are qualified for the military sales program. There are some cases where you are only eligible if you are on TDY orders for a minimum of 30 to 60 succeeding days.

Buying the Vehicle

One of the primary advantages of getting a car with the use of the military sales program is that you do not have to haggle over the rate. They will offer fixed prices, so you pay what you see. Because of this, you will not need to deal with a hovering car sales representative at the showroom.

This time around, buying your dream vehicle can truly be a pleasant experience. You can also choose to custom order your car. You can determine if you would rather have the dealer ship it back stateside or pick it up yourself. Once you receive your PCS orders, you can start the procedure of ordering your car.

This way, it will be ready and waiting for you by the time you get back. For those going through an extended TDY order, you can order the vehicle and have them ship it directly to your home in the U.S.

To celebrate your homecoming, you want to take advantage of the BMW car sales discount. Follow the instructions above and you will find yourself a step closer to getting your dream car.