Basic Car Lift Safety

Car lifted in a garage

Installing car lifts in your garage can free up a lot of space for storage. Car lifts are also great equipment to have if you want to repair or do custom work on your vehicle. While these lifts are excellent, it is important that you get a lift you can rely on and use safely.

Look for quality

It is not a good idea to scrimp when you are looking for car lifts. Installing them correctly is also important. Do your research well and choose wisely. Look for good and reputed companies like JMC Equipment that sell BendPak 4 post lifts.

You should check the type of cylinders that are used in the car lift as well as the safety features present. It is a good idea to know if any additional safety devices are necessary to be in place when the lift is used and extended.

Learn the operating procedures

Make sure that you install the car lift according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After this, the onus is on you to make sure that the lift is always in good operating condition.

Check the fluids on a regular basis, if your car lift uses a hydraulic system. It is also advisable to check the cylinders and pistons periodically.

While loading the lift, follow the recommendations of the lift makers. Do not overload the lift with a car that is heavier or bigger than the recommended weight and size. Center the vehicle and align it to the platform and ensure that the brake is correctly set in case there is an emergency.

Maintain the lift well for improved safety

The machinery should be kept clean, free from dust and debris and the parts well lubricated. Another important part is the hydraulic hoses, which should be maintained properly.

The hoses might break after prolonged usage; so, check it for any such cuts that might cause leakage of hydraulic fluids. If there are any such leaks, bring the car lift down gently immediately and get it replaced or repaired.

Taking good care of the lift is the best way to ensure it remains reliable and you feel safe using it.