Basic Guide for New Car Owners: Keeping your Car in Good Condition

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your car performing at its best. Experts also recommend having your car inspected regularly for everyone’s safety. For new car owners or those who are planning to buy one—whether brand-new or secondhand vehicles, make sure you have time for basic car maintenance routine.

Here’s a checklist for your guidance:

Change Oil

Usually, you need to change the oil every 5,000 kilometers depending on the type of vehicle. To be sure, it’s best to refer to the user’s manual. Keep an eye on your odometer as well. Regular oil change is important to maintain the overall running condition of your car. Don’t wait for your engine to break down. Take your car for a complete oil change service in Salt Lake City now and then.

Check the Tire Pressure

Always check the tire pressure before leaving the house. This can help you save on fuel consumption. It also affects control and stability, especially when taking a long drive. Consider installing a tire monitoring device for improved safety.

Tire Rotation

Experts also recommend having your tires inspected every 5,000 kilometers. This is to determine if you need tire rotation for proper alignment. It’s important to maintain precise handling of the steering wheel.

Check the Coolant Level

As long as your coolant level is on point, there’s no need to worry about overheating and radiator breakdown. Refer to the user’s manual to locate your car’s reservoir. Make it a habit to check it every week. The manual should also determine the type of coolant you should use for your vehicle.

These are just some car maintenance works you should include on your checklist. Be a responsible car owner. Keep in mind that the condition of your car also depends on how you take care of it.