Beginner’s Guide to 4WD Driving in the NZ Outback

Road Trip

You can find four-wheel drives in the cities of New Zealand today that have not even experienced the outback. You may have a virgin 4WD yourself that you may like to take off-road on a road trip or camping trip with friends or family sometime in the future.

With such plans, you will have to take necessary preparations just to drive safely through the outback. Off-road driving may appear easy on videos, but it actually takes considerable skill and calm nerves.

Change the Tyres

First, you should look at your 4WD set of tyres. Base 4WDs of the latest variety usually come with highway terrain tyres that are more suitable to roads. To have a 4WD ready for the outback, you can replace such tyres with all-terrain tyres that you can use on-road and off-road.

You can also replace with mud terrain tyres, which work great for off-road driving.

Expert Help

When you have an off-road trip planned, you can take an experienced off-roader friend or family member with you. The more experience one can take over for you when driving becomes tough for your skills. Otherwise, in the time leading up to your trip, he or she can teach you how to drive better off-road.

Learn the Angles

Besides having an experienced companion, you can learn more about your four-wheel drive to drive it better. You can determine its approach and departure angles, and break-over angles. These angles help you to know which obstacles your vehicle clears over.

Know Recovery Points and Drive Modes

Other details about your four-wheel drive you have to learn about include recovery points of your 4WD. You also have to be familiar with the different 4WD drive modes such as 2H, 4H, or 4L. Each drive mode specifically helps with driving in particular environmental conditions.

The lessons here only scratch the surface of off-road driving. You can learn more through research and practice with an experienced off-roader. You can become skilled enough in time for your off-road trip.

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