Driver Comfort: It Is Easier to Stay Safe if You Are Comfortable

Man driving

When you are driving a vehicle, it is essential to be comfortable. If your level of comfort is below expectations, you could easily get distracted or focus more on your discomfort. When that happens, you and your passengers are at risk of getting into an accident.

Dangerous Driving Conditions

The weather, plus driving conditions, affect any driver. Not-so-ideal driving conditions can place a strain on a driver. Hot weather and a noisy environment could test your patience, causing you to become irritable or to lose focus. Sometimes, it’s not the slippery roads that cause an accident; it’s the fact that the driver is greatly distracted.

Controlling the Atmosphere

In such situations, it is best to have a comfortable and controlled environment. Many vehicles — cars or even trucks — offer powerful air conditioning units to ensure the drivers’ convenience while managing the wheel. A good window tint or a car shade also guarantees the right temperature, especially on long drives or when manoeuvring into tight spots. Air conditioned vehicles mean closed windows, ensuring a dry place for the driver during storms and less noise pollution as well.

Leg and Arm Strains

Extended periods behind the wheel may cause muscle strain and leg cramps, which make driving difficult. Driving also places stress on the “weaker” and more vulnerable areas of the body, such as the ankles and knees. The same may also be true for the forearms and elbows which are not allowed their usual full range of motion.

Frequent rests during long drives are often recommended to prevent strains and to stretch and give rest to these body areas. Proper hydration and even potassium intake are required to avoid the quick build-up of lactic acids which could cause the cramps.

Neck and Lower Back Pain

Prolonged sitting also causes lower back pain and neck strain. An uncomfortable seat further compounds this problem, which may cause driver irritation.

While the stretch breaks may help ease such back and neck pain, it is best to have ergonomically designed seats with back and neck supports to reduce tension in those parts. Custom seat covers can also assist as certain materials may reduce heat build-up, making sitting more comfortable even in hot conditions.

Whether you are out on a leisurely drive, bringing the kids to school, or manoeuvring a truck at a construction site, it is important that you feel good while driving. Make sure that you and your vehicle are prepared for the driving activity so that nobody else gets hurt.