Electric Cars are More Economical, NZ Association Says

Cars in traffic

More people drive electrics cars in New Zealand simply because of their eco-friendly features, but their cost-efficiency serves as another reason why they are a good choice for transportation, according to the Automobile Association (AA).

A litre of petrol costs more than $2, as opposed to recharging an electric vehicle that is equivalent to 30 cents for each litre. The AA, however, cited distance as one caveat for buying an electric car.

Driving Mileage

Those driving an electric car need to plan their trips accordingly based on distance since these are only ideal for short distances. Depending on the car’s charging level, some models can function for as far as 200 kilometres. For enhancing vehicle range, consider buying a set of mag wheels for your electric car.

Still, most Kiwis only take short trips around town each year, and this is why electric cars are their best option to save on expenses, according to AA principal adviser Mark Stockdale. On average, drivers cover a distance of up to 30 kilometres per day.

For holiday trips and long-distance travel, Stockdale advised drivers to rent vehicles since the money you save on fuel expenses can more than cover the fees for renting cars.

Surging Popularity

As more people are into electric cars, the trend has begun to create problems for the power sector. The country’s fleet of electric and hybrid cars remains small, comprising around 3,500 vehicles, yet this represents an increase in the past year

In Auckland, some power companies have already imposed limits on charging times for cars. Owners are now limited to 30 minutes for rapid charging of their automobiles, due to the uneven ratio of demand and the available supply of facilities.

Electric cars have become more popular because of their supposed benefits to the environment, although you should only consider buying this type of car if you regularly travel for short distances.