Important Tips for Riding an ATV Safely

Couple riding an ATV

Riding an ATV can be thrilling and fun, but just like riding in any type of vehicle, there are certain precautions to take. If you are new to riding one, then you should make sure you have someone who is professionally trained to guide you.

Safety should be your main concern when riding an ATV. Blue Wing Honda shares some tips on how to stay safe when riding this type of vehicle.

Wear Proper Gear

Wearing the right type of gear can save your life. Helmets can keep your head safe from most injuries in case you fall from an ATV. Goggles will keep your eye protected and are especially important if you are riding an ATV in a dusty environment. Boots and gloves will keep your hands and feet safe from bruises and scratches. Be sure to check what you should get and wear it before going on a ride.

Inspect the ATV

Inspect your vehicle before riding it. Check if your brakes are working well and if the tires and rims are free from any damage. See if all the controls and cables are intact to avoid any type of accident. You should also check the chain for any worn links and the sprockets for signs of broken teeth. Make sure it’s well lubricated to ensure a smooth ride.

One Person per ATV

If you got an ATV that’s made for just one person, then do not let another rider ride on the back with you. This is a common mistake that most ATV owners commit. Overloading is dangerous and can lead to an accident.

Abiding by the rules is key to having a smooth and safe ride. If your ATV is having some issues, be sure to call a professional for immediate check and repair.