Keep Safe and Improve Your Driving Experience With 2 Tire Secrets

Man Checking the Tire Pressure

For all their powers and sophisticated gizmos, cars have only four contact points with the road. You guessed it – through the four pieces of rubber known as tires. At this point, you can realize just how important tires are to your overall safety and driving experience.

Unfortunately, most drivers are more concerned about what they’re packing under the hood than the state of their tires, notes a tire repair shop in Clearfield. Doing so put them and other road users at risk and endangers their lives.

For the best motoring experience, you need to take a few precautionary measures.

Don’t mismatch the tires

It is no secret that a set of brand-new tires can set you back a small fortune. To this effect, drivers tend to replace any tire that wears out on a rolling basis. While this might seem like a credible strategy, it is, in fact, burning a deeper hole in your wallet.

See, tires come in different shapes, sizes, construction, and internal dimensions to suit different driving conditions. As such, they are likely to deliver a different level of handling and traction as you drive. Having mismatched tires not only ruins the driving experience but also causes all the tires to wear out unevenly.

If operating on a lean budget, rotating the tires ensures an even wear, which prolongs their life.

Do keep an eye on the pressure levels

Since most drivers carry out a cursory inspection of the car as they drive off, they are unlikely to notice a problem until the car is sitting on a rim. On top of the inconvenience, you will most likely have to buy a new rim.

Depending on the weather, tires lose about one pound of air every square inch per month. Therefore, in the absence of an obvious look, your tires are losing pressure with each passing day. Hence, you need to make a habit of checking the pressure routinely.

Underinflated tires are a leading cause of tire-related crashes.

Despite the important role they play in keeping your car safe on the road, most drivers don’t pay enough attention to their tires. Doing so endangers their lives while increasing the wear and tear on their tires.