NZ Research Group Says Online Training May Reduce Car Accidents

Man doing the driving training online

An online driving training programme may reduce an already low incident rate of car crashes in New Zealand, according to a research group.

Robert Isler, head of the University of Waikato’s road safety research group, serves as the founder of the e-Drive project. The initiative allows learning motorists to have a higher understanding of road hazards.

Best Practices

Most of the country’s beginner drivers no longer pose as threats when they are behind the wheel, as car collisions in the last 10 years fell by more than 70 per cent. With the use of the e-Drive program, that number could even go lower, according to Isler.

The online tool lets the users have a simulated experience of driving a car from a front-seat angle. The interactive and digital environment helps in making them more perceptive of road hazards. An advantage of the project involves better eye movements among drivers since motorists need to recognise safety risks as quickly as possible.

The program will help in teaching new drivers to practise safe driving, especially since car sales in New Zealand reached a record number in May.

Booming Sales

The Motor Industry Association said that there were 13,132 new vehicle registrations in May. Passenger vehicle sales rose 11.8 per cent year over year, while commercial sales increased 29 per cent in the same comparable period.

The data does not include sales of used cars from dealers like Auckland Motors in Auckland, Wellington and other cities. Some buyers of the new vehicles may not be first-time drivers, yet the record number of car sales in May still places an important focus on road safety.


As online technology becomes more common, the use of digital tools may be a viable solution to enhance road safety. Do you consider online driving lessons to be a reliable measure for gauging a driver’s knowledge of safe driving habits?