Racing and Other Extreme Activities You Can Do with Off-Road Vehicles such as a UTV

Off-road car on mountain road

Mention ‘UTV’ (utility terrain vehicle) and most people would immediately picture a buggy-type vehicle crossing muddy rivers and rocky mountainside slopes. Typically associated with outdoor activities like hunting and even emergency response, agrees that UTVs have another side to them. While it might sound unusual, it provides equal excitement for off-road enthusiasts: dirt road racing.

Dirt Road Battles

Wheatland, Missouri features a particular crowd-pleaser that features UTVs kicking up dust and flying high over muddy hills: the Lucas Oil Speedway. The Speedway introduced its 1.3-mile dirt track back in 2016 and since then has drawn sizable crowds during events like the GEICO Off-Road Shootout. The track features seven left-hand turns, two right-hand ones, and a couple of huge jumps for some airborne UTV action.

The event accommodates a variety of off-road classes like Pro 4, Pro 2, Pro Lite, Pro Buggy, and Production 1000 UTVs. For those more interested in speed than high-flying jumps, the Big Adventure RV Weekly Racing Series will pit UTVs in an oval racing setup, like NASCAR or Indy 500 but with more dirt.


UTV racing, like any other motorsport activity, requires a fair bit of tinkering before a UTV can be unleashed on track. While particular UTV models come equipped with race-ready components like performance suspension, motors, and stock turbo, safety features aren’t always standard. Upgrades on roll cages, doors, and safety harnesses are a must for any aspiring off-road racer to avoid disqualification, or worse, injuries.

Rock Crawling Adventures

If dirt racing doesn’t sound thrilling enough, a particular subset of UTV owners dabbles in extreme rock racing. Just like the name suggests, rock racing features tweaked-out UTVs climbing steep, rocky hills and sometimes, just outright crawling on giant jagged rocks. To say that these rides are bumpy is a severe understatement.

UTVs may be legally limited from treading asphalt, but they more than make up for their extreme off-roading capability. It only makes sense that the activities involving their use put these vehicles’ limits to tests of truly hardcore utility.