Texas Wants You to Clean Your Boats for This Very Important Reason

White Boat

Texas is not just famous for its rodeos. It is also one of the favorite states for anglers and boaters due to its extensive water channel that spans more than 125,000 kilometers. There are a total of 15 major rivers and thousands of streams! The Gulf Coast of the United States also passes through its coastline.

Because of these, the state puts a lot of effort in protecting its waterways, requiring regular cleaning your boats.

Clean your boats!

Boat cleaning is part of any routine maintenance, especially since boat repairs are not cheap. In Texas, however, it serves another purpose: protect its marine creatures by preventing aquatic hitchhikers from penetrating its waters.

Aquatic hitchhiking occurs when marine plants and creatures find themselves in compartments, motors, and water intake systems of different types of marine vessels. A good example is the zebra mussels, which have already grown rapidly and disturbed the natural Texas water environment.

These plants and creatures have the capacity to propagate quickly due to lack of competition with similar kinds. In turn, they “steal” from the fish and plants that already call the Texas rivers and streams their home.

Other things you can do

Besides cleaning your boat, the Texas Parks and Wildlife recommends draining the vessel with water, where larvae species of zebra mussels can hitch and thrive. You need to do this before you approach the body of water. After cleaning and draining, you need to allow your boat to dry completely.

It may also be helpful to use hydraulic lifts equipment in Rockport, Texas. These lifts can prevent your boats from accumulating infested waters due to tide fluctuations and weather changes. As a bonus, they extend the life of your vessel by delaying corrosion.

Help take care of the Texas waters and their inhabitants. For more information on this rule, visit the Parks and Wildlife website.