The Advantages of Automating the Container Handling System

Parked container trucks

Automating the logistics operation such as installing a container roller system helps speed up the process of moving products and goods. With the container handling system properly in place, the faster and more efficient process of transporting tons of products and goods will increase a company’s profitability. Here’s why:

Speedy Transport

With an automated warehouse system in place, transporting a container via conveyors, rollers or skates effectively eliminate multiple interactions, thus, increasing the average speed of loading it to the truck. Imagine cutting the travel time of loading a container from the dock to the truck to 3 minutes from the previous industry average of 40 minutes.

Low Operational Cost, High Profit

Automating the warehouse operation will reduce the dependence in using forklift machines to transfer containers. The fewer forklift machines, the lesser the allocation of maintenance costs. Also, you get to have more space, which was previously being used to park the forklift machines.

Safer Work Environment

The decrease in interaction between man and machine greatly reduces the risk of accidents. With no personnel needed within the premise of the operation where the cargoes are being transported, it eliminates any risk of accidents.

Personnel Productivity

Always the wrong notion when it comes to automation is about personnel. While it is true that lesser personnel will be needed in the operation, affected personnel can be trained and deployed for other assignments to help increase the productivity of the entire operation.

Increase in Profitability

Make your clients happy with a faster turnaround of deliveries, cutting short of the waiting period. Happier clients tend to increase their orders, which definitely increase your operation and profit. Additionally, other businesses that will learn about your efficient handling of cargoes are always potential clients.

Every economy needs partners in effective and efficient logistics operations to share their export goods and meet the growing demands of its population. Automating the container handling system increases your logistics company’s productivity and operation, which, in turn, helps fuel the economy.