What to Look for in a Boat Ladder?

Man on a Boat Ladder

Man on a Boat LadderIf you’ve seen the movie “Adrift,” you would know the importance of boat ladders. In the film, the characters fall off the side of their luxury yacht. With no means to help them get back up on the boat, they are stuck, floating and bobbing around in open waters.

While the movie is fictional, it still preys on real fear. Ladders are as important as any part of a boat. It is an accessory often taken for granted but serves a great purpose, which is why you need to know the qualities to look for in one. If you’re thinking about buying a boat ladder, shorestationboatlifts.com shares tips you must take into account.

Size Matters

When you fall off your boat and want to get back up, it is hard to get your feet up on the first rung, especially if the ladder is not low enough for your feet to reach. Choose one that extends a good two to three feet below the surface. This way, you won’t have to exert much effort in climbing.

Aluminum vs. Steel

The two most popular materials used in manufacturing boat ladders are aluminum and stainless steel.

On the one hand, aluminum frames are the most popular choice because it’s cheap. It is also easy to install. Unfortunately, aluminum frames easily bend and buckle under heavier loads. On the other hand, stainless steel frames are more durable. It is ideal for owners looking for a more long-lasting variant. Of course, it is also more expensive.

Remember that a boat ladder is not just for design. It is a useful tool, especially when an emergency happens. Consider these tips to help you make the right choice in buying a boat ladder.