What’s in a Motorcycle Tune-Up?

Change oil motorcycle

You would not know when exactly a motorcycle needs a tune-up. But motorcycles that are being used often might need a tune-up sooner than those that spend more time sitting in the garage. There’s no guarantee, though, that seldom used bikes are safe from repairs because weather, heat, and moisture also have effects on its different components.

What is a Tune-Up?

According to Auto Tap, tune-up has no specific definition. However, in the automotive industry, it’s believed to be procedures and/or repairs that a car or motorcycle needs for it to run better or like new. A tune-up service for one vehicle may not be the same with another because each has its own specific requirements.

What Should a Bike Tune-Up Include?

The goal of tune-up services in Salt Lake City is to make a motorcycle run more efficiently. In most cases, here are the repairs and replacements a typical motorcycle needs:

  • Battery. Check your bike’s battery and replace it if there’s corrosion. It may need charging if you haven’t used it for quite a while.
  • Spark Plug. Check the spark plug and replace it if necessary. An obvious sign that you need replacement is when your motorcycle becomes hard starting.
  • Oil and Fluids. Oil and fluids at recommended levels are not always enough. Replace them every once in a while. Check the filters as well and replace the old ones to improve their function.
  • Tire. Inspect the tires and make sure they’re at their best. Watch out for signs of bad tires, such as cracks, irregular shapes, and incorrect air pressure. Don’t forget that tires tend to rot, especially when they’re not used or exposed to extreme weather for a long time.
  • Brakes. Good brakes can save lives. Ensure that your motorcycle’s brakes are properly functioning by replacing worn out cables and adjusting them properly. Remember to maintain an inch gap between the levers and the handlebar, too.

Ensuring that your motorcycle is in its top condition guarantees no drivability issues. Schedule it for a tune-up and make your ride easier and safer.