Wisconsin Advances Efforts to Develop Autonomous Cars

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s executive order paved the way for continually developing driverless cars in the state under the advice of a newly established panel.

The Steering Committee on Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Testing and Deployment will bank on UW-Madison College of Engineering, which was recently named as one of the 10 testing grounds for self-driving technology in the U.S.

Wisconsin Roads

If you live in Sussex, auto body shop services will still be needed since it will take more research and time to develop safe protocols for driverless vehicles. Besides, the federal government has yet to implement a formal stance on the technology, as part of the Federal Automated Vehicles Policy in late 2016.

The policy provides states and car manufacturers with some flexibility on how they intend to move forward with the development of driverless cars. For Wisconsin, the executive order is expected to eliminate obstacles against research and development efforts. The use of UW’s Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory serves as one indication of this.

Lead the Way

Wisconsin has gained national attention due to its push to develop autonomous cars. Several factors will allow it to take the lead in doing so and these include extreme weather in the state, which provides a realistic environment in the context of using driverless technology.

Another factor involves car insurance companies that have already begun to monitor advancements in the field. Some of these firms have even decided to invest autonomous vehicles. Aside from them, several automotive suppliers and more specialized manufacturers operate in the state.


Self-driving vehicles represent a new phase of transportation development for the auto industry. In the meantime, car owners should take note that traditional modes of transportation will remain in place, as several issues still exist before making driverless cars a common sight on roads.