3 Top Things Every Porsche Owner Must Keep In Mind

Porsche headlights

That you drive a Porsche is proof enough that you want only the best. The question, of course, is whether you are taking proper care of your prized ride. The great thing about Porsche is that the brand puts quality and reliability at the top of its cars’ designs. If you take these three simple things seriously, your Porsche should last ages.

 Know your car’s maintenance schedule

You spent a small fortune buying your car, so it’s only smart to take good care of it. Bring it to a skilled Porsche maintenance mechanic like formulamotorsports.com in NYC for a regular checkup. Usually, the schedule is well laid out in the Porsche maintenance guide, so refer to it if not sure when to take your car to the mechanic. Some tasks such as cleaning the car you can do yourself at home.

Know the appropriate oil for your Porsche

Since your car’s engine is its heart, you need to take extra special care of it if you want to keep it running efficiently for a long time. Using the right kind of oil is essential to ensure that happens. Porsche specialists recommend fully-synthetic oil for maximum age resistance. You want an oil that’s free from such contaminants as sulfur and paraffin.

Know the right wheels for the car

As you may have already realized, your Porsche can perform impressively all year round, provided you’ve fitted it with the right set of tires. In fact, tires are such an essential part of the Porsche that the company undertakes lots of tire development and testing and regularly publishes which tires its customers should go for, depending on the season of the year.

Your Porsche goes to great lengths to guarantee you a smooth ride throughout the year. By showing it a little extra care, you can get to enjoy it for a long time.