4 Oil Change Secrets You Should Learn Today

Mechanic checking car for oil change

Upkeep is an essential part of owning a vehicle. For every three months or 5,000 kilometres (whichever comes first), your auto should undergo an oil change and oil filter replacement to keep things running smoothly. Car maintenance experts from archibaldandshorter.co.nz share four things you probably didn’t know about this crucial step.

1. Synthetic vs Mineral

You may find that mineral motor oils to be more affordable, but while synthetic oils cost a bit more, they are usually worth the investment. Synthetic oil provides instant lubrication on start-up and significantly improve fuel efficiency. It can also last longer between oil changes. It’s an option that you should consider if your vehicle is used for towing, has a supercharged engine, or tends to be operated in extreme weather conditions.

2. Find clues in colour

Examining the colour of your engine oil is an excellent way to gauge your car’s condition. If it’s milky brown, there could be coolant in the oil. This occurs when there is a failed transmission cooler, a blown head gasket, or some cracked casings. In any case, you’ll have to contact your service provider immediately.

3. Short trips can be tough on your vehicle

Using your car for quick daily trips might be convenient, but it could have a huge impact on your car. Short trip driving doesn’t allow the engine to warm up enough to boil off acids and moisture that accumulate inside the crankcase, taking a serious toll on the motor oil.

4. Getting the right oil

When it comes to motor oils, a higher viscosity number doesn’t necessarily guarantee better performance and protection. It’s better to consult your manual and get the oil that’s suited for your motor and driving conditions.

Work with your trusted service and parts team for your car maintenance. Be sure to follow the care tips listed in your owner’s manual to ensure safety and extend your engine’s lifespan.