Addressing Safety in the Tube Notching Process

Tube Cutting And it's use for Auto Repair Shops

A standard tool in most auto shops is the tube notcher. This tool is useful in creating notches in automotive applications. It is, however, crucial that you understand the right process to create notches; any mistakes will cost you overmuch in maintenance costs.

What, though, is the right way to operate the Baileigh tube notcher?

The Setup

Inspect the position of the spindle to ensure the friction stays within the notcher. Next, for safety reasons, secure your tube and create your markings on the tube to prepare it.

The Right Angle

After completing the preparation work, you should set the right angle on your metal. Typically, the setting process will include to loosen bolts, to adjust the clamp, and tightening bolts.

Notching Process

Once you complete the setup process, you can notch your metal tube. It is crucial that you, however, work with low, variable speed to minimize overheating and lower the vibration from the process.

Safety Concerns

In terms of eye protection, the notcher has a saw that helps cut through the metal. The metal shavings are highly airborne; thus, you need proper personal protection equipment to prevent the cut metal from entering the eye. The metal chips can damage the eye and, in the worst case, cause blindness.

For hand protection, the tubes of the end metal product will be sharp, and thus you need to get protection for your hands after the notching process is over. Gloves are highly effective hand protection gear to protect from the damage. The thicker your gloves, the more protection you have for your hands.

You also want to keep your clothes or jewelry from getting caught up by the notcher. The metal is the only thing that should be in the notcher.

The results from the notching process not only depend on your skills but also on the quality of your equipment. Therefore, when getting your Baileigh tube notcher and any other notching equipment, ensure you source your equipment from a trusted supplier.

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