Buying a Car Soon? 5 Important Documents You Should Have Access To

Man and woman buying a new car

Buying a car, whether used or brand new, requires time and effort, especially since there are many New Zealand laws surrounding not just the use of motor vehicles, but their purchase and sale as well. These regulations exist to protect buyers, sellers and of course, the other drivers on the road.

A key to ensuring a smooth and pleasant car buying process knows the most important documents you have to deal with. Auckland Motors suggests that you equip yourself with the basics of the paperwork associated with the process.

Warrant of Fitness (WoF)

Whether you are buying a vehicle from a dealership or a private seller, make sure you receive a WoF, dated less than a month.

Consumer Information Notice (CIN)

Every automobile that a dealer sells should have a complete CIN attached to it. This document contains basic and important details related to the vehicle.

Registration Certificate

This piece of paper names the current registered owner of the car, which you should then check against the identity of the person you will buy the vehicle from.

Sale Agreement

The sale agreement will come from the seller, and it should contain all the necessary information about your purchase. It is important that you read and understand this thoroughly, as you do not want any unpleasant surprises.

Insurance Policy

You should always invest in a policy for your protection. Make sure that provider gives you a document detailing all the inclusions, exclusions and other necessary information about the insurance.

Buying a car requires you to be careful and go through the appropriate process. With these documents, you can protect your best interests and make sure the car you will buy is truly worth it.