Buying Pre-Loved Cars: What’s In It For You?

Car's parked in a parking lot

Do you know that the average difference between the costs of new and pre-owned vehicles is about $13,000? You can already use this amount to renovate your home, rent a flat, or support your studies.

The cost of brand new vehicles has increased over the years. In fact, records show that the Americans spent an average of over $35,500 to buy new cars in 2015. A global market research company, on the other hand, said that pre-loved vehicles only costs about $20,000 on average. This helps the Americans save thousands of dollars. It is also the reason more people visit used car dealers in Provo and other cities in the U.S.

Who would not want to be practical these days? Sure, brand new cars have many benefits, but pre-owned cars can surely serve their purposes and offer a lot of advantages as well. Every buyer can always choose the best quality of used car to get the best value for money.

Here’s why buying a used car today is a smart move:

The value of brand new cars depreciates fast. The car’s worth dives year after year. Sometimes, when you buy a new car, you are just paying for the brand and model and not just the vehicle itself. See the surcharge there? If you will buy a slightly used or pre-owned car, you would be able to go away with the brand and model charge. It technically saves you money.

With a cheaper price of used cars comes the opportunity to apply for more affordable car financing loan. The cost of the car that you would buy is cheaper by hundreds of dollars? It actually suits your budget and matches your monthly salary. As such, you will most likely be approved for a low-rate car financing scheme.

The government is strict in implementing the vehicle identification number. As such, used car buyers can always check the history of the vehicle that they want to buy. Even used car dealers in Provo can trace the lemon law history.

Most of the used cars are already upgraded and equipped with accessories, such as tire mags, stereos, speakers that are perfect for long rides, and others.

These are just some of the best reasons buying pre-loved cars is more practical than getting brand new ones. You can always use the money that you will save for other necessities.