Change is Good: When to Get an Oil Change

A car inspector

Whether your car was manufactured last year or 20 years ago, it will still have signs to alert you if something needs fixing. It also doesn’t matter how new your car is, regular checks are always the best way to take care of it.

One of the important things that tend to get overlooked is the engine’s oil.

What to Look Out For

Cars, like most things, need “tender loving care.” Expert mechanics at Parker Automotive believe in the need for regular checks. Just because you can’t see or hear anything wrong with your car doesn’t mean that you can skip out on its regular checks. You will need to pay particular attention to your oil as well to see if it needs any changing. A couple of signs to look out for include:

1. Oil color – Clean crude usually has an amber color. The older it is, the darker it becomes and grittier as it collects dirt and debris from the engine components.

2. Engine sound – A good driver listens to their engine, and if anything seems off, even the slightest knocking sound, it’s best to get the oil and engine checked.

3. Dark exhaust smoke – If your car starts to emit dark smoke from the tailpipe, it’s a sign that you need to check your oil’s dipstick to check on how much oil you have left.

4. Check engine light – The best way to tell if your car needs something fixed is to check the lights. If you check engine sign won’t go away after you’ve started your car up, then you need to get it checked.

Regular Maintenance

When you get a car, the first thing you should do would be to familiarize yourself with your car. Different vehicles have different timelines on when their various components should be checked or replaced. It wouldn’t hurt to be aware of them. For some cars, they can go for about 5,000 miles before they need an oil change; others need 3,000 miles only.

It’s your responsibility as the car owner to know when your car needs oil “pick me up”.