Choose a Fox Body Mustang as your Next Classic Car

Are you looking for a new classic car to modify, tune, and finally drive around in? You may have to look no further than Fox Body Mustangs. Various auctions have witnessed these third-generation Mustangs, particularly special edition ones, becoming more and more collectible.

One expert expressed his expectation that Fox Body Mustangs will enjoy good market conditions in the coming years, generating more interest and increasing their value.

Parts? It is not a problem. There are vendors offering ’86 Mustang parts as well as many other performance parts like Anderson Ford Motorsport.

Fox Body Primer

Fox Body Mustangs, or the third generation of Mustangs, were available in 1979 until 1993. People dubbed cars from this third generation as a “fox body,” since Ford designed these Mustangs based on their Fox platform.

Ford widely used the Fox platform during this time with its other vehicles such as the Fairmont or the Lincoln Continental Mark VII.

80s Dream Come True

Why should you consider collecting a Fox Body Mustang? When you grew up in the 80s, a Fox Body Mustang will probably one of the poster cars you have always dreamed of having. Today, you can find many available Fox Body Mustangs in fantastic condition.

With their steadily increasing value, you may have to find one fast, however.

Various Styles

With a Fox Body, you can choose from a wide variety of body styles such as a Fastback, Coupe, or Convertible. When you want a drag car, you can opt for the coupe. Most collectors choose the Notchback for its rarity, clean body lines, and better looks.

Modifications Galore

You can also modify the hell out of a Fox Body Mustang. One man in Canton, Ohio, turned his 1986 Ford Mustang SVO into a V-8 monster by using a rebuilt V-8 T-5 for shifting. You can modify your own monster of a Fox Body Mustang.

Aftermarket and factory performance parts and technical modification tips abound.

Are you convinced yet? You can start looking for a third-generation Ford Mustang and expand your collection of classic cars.