Does the Vanlife Fit You? Find Out Here

You slide through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and you see an increasing number of Millennials quitting their jobs, living in vans, and traveling to as many countries as they can. The trend has been appropriately dubbed as “vanlife,” and you can live the same if you find the courage to dive into it.

Before you become overly excited and rush to buy a Dodge RAM ProMaaster van here in Provo, you first have to think through if this kind of lifestyle fits you. The wild outdoors and the portable luxury of an outfitted van may seem adventurous, but you have to make sure that you will truly feel happy living in such a small space. Remember, different people have different experiences.

Consider the Challenges

The downsides of living in a van include inconveniences with Wi-Fi connection, laundry, bathing, and many other aspects of living. Unless you’re going to live in a van with your loved one, you may also feel quite lonely. The legal system in some places in the U.S. also frowns upon — and even considers it illegal — living in a van.

Think of the Positives Too

On the flipside, you gain immense freedom, save on expenses, and live a simple yet peaceful life — something you can’t find when you’re stuck permanently in one location in the city. Of course, you can only enjoy these if you take the time to plan and prepare for such a life.

Prepare and Plan if You Want the Vanlife

Of course, you need to learn how to drive and park such a large vehicle. You also need to practice minimalism. As you live in a cramped space, you shouldn’t be keeping many items. In fact, you may need to declutter at least every month. In some cases, people who live in vans practice zero waste.

You have to make many considerations if you want to transition into vanlife successfully. Read stories of others who have done it, and learn from them. You will be sharing stories of your own soon.