Factors to Consider When Buying a Vehicle Fuel Filter

a car mechanic inspecting the combustion system of an auto

Fuel filters are essential components of modern combustion engines. They ensure that only the cleanest fuel finds its way to your engine by removing debris and dirt along with other fuel contaminants.

Regularly changing your filters enhances your car’s engine performance, prevents engine misfires and cleans your fuel injectors.

Here are some considerations you should remember when shopping for a fuel filter.

Date Limitation

When shopping for a fuel filter kit, keep in mind that individual filters will only be suitable for car models manufactured in particular time ranges. You call this date limitation. It will be stated on the fuel filter’s description as ‘’from this construction year to this construction year.’’


Fuel filters do not come in universal dimensions. Each vehicle model should have a particular size of filter. When shopping for your filter, ensure you have the right dimensions for your vehicle. You can measure your current car filter and use these measurements as a reference.

You should keep in mind that different filter brands take their measurements from varied points of the filter. Check with your supplier on the exact size he or she is using.

Micron Rating and Surface Area

The micron size is a measure of the filter media’s porosity. The higher the number of your micron rating, the more your fuel flow. Small micron numbers mean smaller holes equalling higher filtration but also fuel flow restriction. A large surface area for your filter media is also important.

The ideal 4wd filter kit should hence be 10-40 microns with a 60 square inches surface area with small variations among different vehicles.

Fuel filters have a chassis number that corresponds to the chassis number of the suitable engine. When buying your filter, check your engine’s chassis number and match it with the filter’s number. Experts vouch for changing your filter after 25,000-30,000 miles; it might be time for your car’s fuel filter change.