Fuel Efficiency Issues You Should Understand

Concept photo spare car parts forming a car

Every Nissan owner knows that performing regular car service and maintenance is a priority they should embrace to avoid the unnecessary expense of repairs. But, there are instances you cannot help but repair or replace parts to keep your vehicle looking as good as new.

And, certified dealers in Nissan parts here in Auckland understand these interests to provide the parts you need and tips for keeping your car in pristine condition.

One common issue you should consider is fuel efficiency

If your car has an excellent gas mileage, it will keep you on the road longer and save you on fuel costs, and there are a couple of maintenance tricks you can follow to improve your car’s fuel efficiency. Here are two.

Change the oil and filter. With time, dirt and debris build up in your engine and produce friction, which reduces the overall efficiency at which your engine runs. Getting an oil and filter change will clean your engine to reinstate its full functionality.

Rotate and replace the tyres. Not only are bald and worn-out tyres a road-safety concern but also they place a high demand on energy from your engine to keep your car on the road. Create a regular schedule to have your car dealer replace your tyres with ones that have a rich array of well-designed tread.

You can also preserve the tread on your tyres by rotating them routinely so you can ease the load on your car’s engine.

Having a specialised dealer do these pieces of car-part maintenance and replacement regularly will help to improve your car’s mileage, fuel efficiency and the life of your vehicle’s engine as well as keep your car road-safe.

But, to be certain your vehicle is in good hands, it is advisable you confirm whether the dealer is a licensed Nissan agent and has a consistent record of offering high-quality parts and services.