Got a Cracked Windshield? Replace or Repair It Immediately

It only takes a second: You’re cruising on the highway and hear that dreadful “tink” of a rock hitting the windshield of your vehicle. Sure, the result might not seem like it needs immediate care to require a trip to an auto body and repair shop like Merton Auto Body in Sussex, but it is dangerous.

A Cause for Concern

A cracked windshield can potentially be a hazard to you and anyone riding your car. You see, there’s a huge chance that the crack will get worse and it will weaken the strength of your windshield. You’ll also endanger yourself and others on the road because it can obstruct your view. This is the primary reason why several communities and states mandated ordinances to prevent people from driving with a cracked windshield.

Temporary Fix

It will depend on the nature and size of the chip or crack if you need to replace the entire windshield or just have it repaired. If the crack or chip is small, you can apply a durable, clear epoxy to bond the pieces together. The chip or crack may still be visible, but this step assures that it won’t spread further.

Safety Precautions

Of course, you really can’t prevent your windshield from cracking. Just ensure that it doesn’t get worse by avoiding these methods and following the steps below:

  • Keep debris or dirt from getting into the crack as it makes it more difficult to repair. Use a clear tape that doesn’t obstruct your view to be able to drive safely to the repair shop.
  • Don’t try washing the vehicle as it can further damage the cracked area.
  • Avoid extreme temperature and park in a shady spot because the sun’s heat can weaken and grow the crack. If it happens to be winter, gradually heat up your car. Keep in mind that sudden spikes in temperature can also worsen the damage.

In the end, the most important thing to remember is to avoid ignoring the problem. Replace or repair your cracked windshield to ensure your safety and your loved ones.