Keeping Your Car Shiny and Looking Like New


Vehicles need care if they are to keep looking like you just drove them off the lot or showroom. Without proper care, your car may only take a few months to start looking like it is a few years old.

Here are some tried and tested tips for keeping your car shiny and clean.

Protect it from unnecessary exposure

Your car can withstand punishing weather, but if it is always under exposure to the elements, its finish will soon fade and become unsightly. This may also cause paint peeling and rust. Keep it in your garage whenever you are home.

Look for at least a shaded area when you park outside for a long time and make sure to keep it far away from sprinklers whenever possible.

Detail the cabin

A shiny car is great, but how does your car look inside the cab? Not only will your vehicle cabin become filthy and unsightly without cleaning, but it may harbor allergens, bacteria, and even ants and cockroaches. At least once a month, do a thorough vacuuming.

Shampoo the carpet floor covers or use a recommended cleaning product. Wash removable fabric car seat cover; use a conditioning and protective cleaning product on leather. Wipe all plastic, rubber, and vinyl components with a protectant to clean and shield them from UV rays and scuffs from use.

Wash your car and seal the paint

The longest your vehicle should go without a wash is perhaps a month, and that is if it is in the garage and not exposed to contaminants too often. If you have the time, wash it weekly. Here are the proper tools for washing:

  • A clear coat-safe automotive shampoo (not dishwashing soap or detergent)
  • Microfiber cloth or chenille wash mitt
  • Wheel and tire brushes
  • Clean water (preferably through a hose or power washer)
  • Carnauba wax or other paint sealants
  • Two buckets (soap and rinse)
  • Separate microfiber towels for drying and buffing

The point of using wax or paint sealant is to make sure your paint is under protection from exposure and damage. You may also use the same protectant that you used inside your cabin to shine and shield plastic and rubber parts of your car’s body. Armor-All is an example of such a product.

Follow these tips, and you can be sure that your car will keep looking nice and shiny for years.