Navigating the Busy Streets of Manila

Car Rental Service

If your travels ever bring you to the streets of Manila, don’t fret because getting around the city is not as complicated as you think it is. Traffic can get a bit heavy, and pedestrians are a little unruly, but compared to most Asian cities, getting around in Manila is a cinch.

Getting on the Driver’s Seat

If you’re staying for a bit in Manila, you can always rent a car. If you have a license that’s written in English, you can use it for the first 90 days of your stay. Find a car rental service like, deal with the requirements, and you’re off. You’ll need a GPS device, but most services have them in their cars. Streets in Metro Manila tend to have changing names, so having a GPS device is helpful. Traffic can be a bit congested, but planning your schedule and your routes can alleviate that problem.

Using Public Transport

Commuting in Manila is a bit complex. If you’re going to a place that’s less than files miles away, transportation is easy to come by and very convenient. Manila has jeepneys, tricycles, and pedicabs that are great for short distance commutes. If you’re staying in a residential area, you can probably hail a ride a few meters from your door. Long-distance commutes are different; they can be very inconvenient and very frustrating. Manila’s rail transits can have you lining up for 30 minutes or more during rush hours, only to be cramped like sardines in an overloaded train. Then again, you can always get your ride from a ride-hailing app on your phone.

Easier than Most

Manila is one of the most comfortable places in Asia when it comes to driving or commuting. Everything is written in English characters, and almost everyone can speak English. The Filipino language is phonetic, so even if you don’t pronounce the names right, people will understand you. It wouldn’t be a difficult thing to be lost in Manila. There will always be someone willing to talk and help you.

Whether you’re driving or using public transport, Manila is one of the easiest places to get around. If you plan your travels to avoid traffic and have a bit of patience, everything will be all right.