Porsche Care Tips: Make Your Luxury Ride Last Longer Than Expected

Man taking his Porsche to his mechanic

One of the most respected brands in automotive history is Porsche. In fact, the Porsche 911 — arguably the most popular model of the Porsche lineup — owns the most recognizable silhouette of any car. It’s so recognizable that the silhouette itself is synonymous with a sports car. The Porsche brand itself is reminiscent of sporty performance and luxury.

Many owners never trade in their car unless it’s with another Porsche, and such is the loyalty these machines inspire. As a proud owner of a Porsche, you owe it to your car — and to yourself — to make your car last a long time.

Take it to a Licensed Mechanic

When repairing your Porsche parked in your NYC home, Formula Motorsports and other experts remind that taking it only to a licensed mechanic to handle your car. Taking it to a shop that does not specialize in your Porsche is taking a huge risk, which may shorten the life of your vehicle.

Use All-Original Parts

Optimal performance and serious longevity are what you’re after, and Porsche Genuine Parts are designed to give them. It might be tempting to use aftermarket parts to make your Porsche unique, or if you believe claims that some aftermarket parts can make your car perform better, but those parts were not manufactured, quality-controlled, and approved by Porsche. They may lead to damage.

Take Maintenance Seriously

Newer Porsches are designed to last longer between maintenance schedules. This is a bigger reason not to miss your maintenance appointments, though, especially if you like driving your car every day in all manners of traffic and weather. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended schedule for maintenance.

Change Your Oil

Thanks to newer tech, your Porsche can tell you about the oil level in your motor as you sit in the cabin. Older Porsches are not equipped with this kind of tech, however, so it’s even more important to monitor oil levels and age. The motor is your car’s most expensive part, so it only makes sense to take good care of it. Nothing can keep it running longer than replacing the oil when you have to, and only with a Porsche recommended oil.

Keep it Clean

Not only does this maintain your car’s beauty, but it also protects it from dirt and debris that may eventually make its way to the metal and cost rusting. Clean your car regularly, including the cabin. You’ll drive more comfortably in a clean car, and have more bragging rights when your friends see its shiny exterior.

A Porsche is unlike any other car in terms of looks, value, and performance. Take care of it to make it last longer.