The Genius Of Buying A Used Car Instead Of Going Brand New

Used Car For Sale

Buying a brand-new car gives you several benefits: You enjoy a warranty from the manufacturer; you will not have to worry about parts replacement and pricey repairs for several years; no car history to worry about, as you are the first owner; and that new car smell, of course.

Then again, it is also much more expensive to buy a car off the showroom. The moment you drive off in a brand-new car, SUV, truck, etc., your vehicle begins to depreciate. There is genius in choosing from among the used cars in Bradenton from dealers such as SRQ Auto LLC, instead of buying brand-new.

Here are a few of the reasons you should think about used vehicles first.

You Save Money On The Price Tag

A used car only costs a fraction of its original value, even if the original owner took good care of it. The depreciation of a car is a concern for most buyers of brand-new vehicles, but it is good news for used-car buyers.

A Used Vehicle Does Not Depreciate As Much

A brand-new car depreciates rapidly during its first three years, and then it levels out, losing only a small percentage of its latest value every year. You can buy a used car now and sell it next year without worrying too much about depreciation, provided you took care of it.

Insurance Is Lower

Insurance is not as expensive as when you buy a brand-new vehicle. This means you can save on the car’s price, and save more with the insurance.

A Used Car Is Great If You Are A Tinkerer

Whether you like to tune your vehicle or add/replace parts with aftermarket options, you won’t hesitate to do as you please if you got the car used, primarily because it didn’t cost you much, and there are many aftermarket parts available for cars that are at least three years old.

A used car is a good option these days, especially if you know how to find one that will not turn out to be a beater. Even if you had the money for a brand-new model, why not buy used and save the rest of the money for the maintenance of your vehicle or a vacation? See, there’s genius to buying used.