Two Simple Ways to Improve Your Driving Experience with an Old Car

Many people mistakenly think that owning and driving older car models is ill-advised. With a little effort and planning, you can keep your maintenance costs affordable and emissions low.

In New Zealand, the thought of going about life without a car is the stuff of nightmares. Poor public transport systems, geography and two working parents in a household make it quite tricky to be without mobility.

In fact, with six cars for every ten adults, the country boasts one of the highest car ownership ratios in the world. Used cars from Japan are popular with drivers due to their low asking prices. Despite the age advancement, such cars run seamlessly with proper maintenance, including the occasional engine tune-up.

Keep the cost of maintenance low

Recent studies indicate that the average car on the road is about 14 years. As a result, many households spend over 14 per cent of their income on car repair and maintenance. Such figures are worrying as spending this much on transportation lowers the ability to set aside money for emergencies.

Other than improving your driving habits to minimise the wear and tear of your ride, you need to look for a reliable repair service provider. A car repair expert can spot major problems long before they compound.

Keep your emissions levels low

On average, motorists import about 125,000 used cars into the country every year. Most of these cars are about eight years old and feature old technology, such as lower safety levels compared with the modern models. However, running an older car does not translate into high carbon emission levels.

With proper and regular maintenance, you can have your engine running as good as new. A properly tuned engine boasts a high fuel efficiency, which lowers the amount of carbon dioxide it emits. Some aftermarket engine modifications also improve engine performance and speed up your ride.

With the cost of a new car bordering on prohibitive, it is only natural to settle for an older model that fits your budget. However, driving an old car does not have to translate into poor driving experience.