Ways to Keep Your Tires Working Despite the Extreme Heat

Close-up of tire of moving car

It’s always sunny in Florida and for most of us, living in a constantly sunny state comes with no problem at all. However, with our cars and tires, it’s a totally different story. Humidity and heat can take a serious toll on our tires: it can dry them out, help with deterioration, increase their pressure, and subject them to hypersensitivity.

Tire expert Armstrong Tire suggests you keep your tire in tiptop shape even during the hottest days.

Give Your Car and Tires a Bath

Tires are similar to people in a way that they have to be bathed to keep cool and protected. To wash your tires, use a tire cleaner. There are many different tire cleaners in the market, and you can buy them either online or in stores.

To use your tire cleaner, simply spray it on your tires, let it sit for a minute, use a brush to scrub your tires with it, and rinse it with water. Read the instructions that come with it and follow it correctly. This will help your tires from drying out and from suffering damage.

Inspect your Tires

Regularly inspect your cars and look out for major damages including bubbles, lumps, cracks, or wear and tear. You should also check your tire pressure at least twice every week and inflate or deflate them to their correct PSI. The heat can easily inflate or deflate your tires, which can eventually damage them.

Also, have a professional mechanic examine your tires for proper alignment. They will know if your tires need to be centered and balanced.

Replace Worn Out Tires

Replacing your worn-out tires will save you from any type of accident on the road. You can also replace your tires with high temperature-grade ones to combat the heat and prevent your tires from expanding. Measuring the tread and finding out that it is low is also an indication that you need to replace your tires.

Prevention is always better than cure, and this case is no exception. Keep your tires in great shape to always keep you and your family safe!