Ways You Can Extend the Life of Your Car Brakes

Man fixing the car brake

How you treat your brakes and brake pads will determine their lifespan. The choice is yours on whether to wear your brakes out quickly or make them last a long time. The experts at Pickering’s Auto Service gives the following recommendations to help you make them last longer:

Don’t speed unnecessarily

As a vehicle’s speed increases, the demand on its braking system also increases. Stopping from high speed forces the brakes to dissipate a lot of energy. When brakes turn energy into heat, their durability suffers. Slow down a little, and you could extend the life of your brakes.

Avoid using your left foot to brake

Using your left foot to brake increases the risk of simultaneously pushing both the brake pedal and accelerator. It also enhances the possibility of random brake taps. These actions hurt the braking system. Unless you’re a race driver, use only your right foot on your brake pedal.

Have a regular brake inspection

Brakes are a crucial safety feature. Regular brake inspections can help ensure your brakes are always ready when you need them. Inspections can catch problems early and thus help extend the life of the brakes and car. Make sure an experienced brake repair expert in Lakewood, Colorado checks your braking system on a regular basis.

Avoid riding the brakes

Maintaining constant pressure on brakes causes them to heat up. Unnecessary braking also causes rapid deterioration of the brake pads.

Consider bleeding and flushing

You need to change your car’s brake fluid periodically. Flushing the brake fluid can help extend the life of the brake system’s internal components and make the brakes work better.

The longevity of your vehicle’s brakes and pads hinge on the care and attention you accord them. By allowing your car to come to a stop gradually, you can hugely reduce the amount of wear on the brakes. Keep your vehicle regularly serviced and its speed under control if you hope to extend the life of your braking system.