What You Should Know When It’s Time for Your Car’s Service

Man driving a car

Owning a car comes with responsibilities, one of which is attending to its scheduled service. A vehicle service, also called a tune-up, is a series of scheduled maintenance checks the manufacturers recommend to keep your car running at its best.

This schedule can be measured either by time or by the distance you’ve driven. Not all cars have the same service or warranty, so check your car’s manual for its service schedule. Once it’s time for your car’s service, here’s what you should know:

What to Expect

Following your car service schedule slows down its normal wear and tear, which can prevent accidents on the road. According to New Zealand’s Ministry of Transport, losing control of one’s vehicle topped the list of vehicle accident factors last January. Vehicle factors and vehicle controls also appeared on the list.

The type of service will depend on your warranty and what technicians might find wrong with your car after a checkup. The service may take longer than a day, so prepare a backup car or check if your service provider offers courtesy cars.

Seek Professional Assistance

If you live in a big city like Auckland, don’t just settle for the service centre closest to you. Manufacturers like Nissan have affiliated service centres in the city or nearby areas that hire trained professionals to handle your car.

Using service centres not affiliated with your car’s manufacturer might damage your vehicle or, in some cases, void your warranty if proven that the service centre’s services or parts caused future damage to your car.

Trust Only Genuine Parts

Another reason to stick to affiliates is that they provide genuine parts for replacements. According to giltrapnissan.co.nz, genuine parts will fit the vehicle, last longer, and perform well with certainty.

Following your car’s scheduled service might seem like an inconvenience, but these happen at long intervals and are meant to keep your vehicle in its best shape. A car is an expensive investment, and to get your money’s value for a long time, following your schedule is worth it.