3 Advantages of Hiring Furniture Trucks When Moving

Moving truck with open trunk space

Moving houses can be so stressful. In fact, it’s not something that you can do over the weekend. It requires a series of weeks to pack everything, transport, and unpack. For many people, they find that hiring professional movers can help them deal with the stress. Just leave it to the professionals. But this can also be more expensive. If you’re thinking of another option, you can simply take the DIY route and do the moving yourself. And when you do, consider hiring furniture truck rentals instead of using your vehicle to do the transport. Here are three reasons why.

You can choose from various truck sizes.

When you’re moving houses yourself, you often end up making more than two trips to get everything transferred to the new place. This can be counter protective, not to mention more expensive. And it also takes you longer to get settled. If you hire truck rentals, you can choose the size of the moving truck you need. Don’t have an idea on how much space you need? Ask the truck rental company to make a recommendation. This way, you pay for the right size of transport vehicle you need. If you’re moving to another state, it’s also more convenient for long hours on the road.

You get to use moving accessories.

If you need a dolly, packing peanuts, packing blankets, and other moving accessories, you can get them if you hire truck rentals when you move. Otherwise, you need to get them and pay for them yourself. Some companies offer these as add-ons, so you only get to pay for the additions that you need when moving. You also don’t risk overestimating and buying more than what you need, which is a terrible waste of money. Unless, of course, you plan to save them for a future move.

Pick-up and drop-off are easy!

If you rent trucks for your move, you can easily schedule when and where you need to be picked-up and dropped-off. Otherwise, if you’re asking friends or family members to help you move using their private vehicles, you need to do the logistics yourself, which just adds to the stress of moving. With truck rentals, you can easily do the scheduling and payment online.

Choose Convenience

When it comes to moving, you need to get all the convenience you can get. So hire truck rentals instead of asking friends and family to drive. This way, you save time, money, and energy.