3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Throw Petroleum Products in the Trash

Woman throwing trash

Some people think that the moment the trash leaves their property via garbage trucks, it’s not their problem anymore. And then there are some who believe that another person’s trash is not their concern.

This is just wrong thinking. In one way or another, everyone is affected by the amount of trash that gets dumped in landfills day after day, especially the ones that shouldn’t be thrown into the garbage dump in the first place, including petroleum products. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t dump your oil waste in the trash.

1. It Contaminates Ground Water

In the US, there are some states wherein it’s illegal to dump waste motor oil on the ground. In fact, in some, it’s even illegal to pour it down the drain. The reason is so simple, but some people seem not remember it. If you pour it on the ground, especially in the soil, its toxicity can easily contaminate groundwater. The best way to get rid of used motor oil is to transfer it into a used milk jug and bring it to waste recycling facilities for proper disposal. There are companies like Waste Petroleum Combustion Limited that offer free waste oil pick up, so you don’t have to drive all the way to the facility to get rid of your oil waste the right way.

2. It Affects Waste Water Treatment

Some people dump their used oil products down the drain. Once it’s down the drain, it’s not your problem anymore. Wrong. Just where do you think the oil waste goes? If you decide to pour it down the drain, the toxic waste can affect your building’s, even your city’s, waste water treatment and when this happens, it poses an even bigger risk to your family’s health and others.

3. It Harms Aquatic Life

In one way or another, the trash you throw away makes its way back to your home. For instance, the microbeads in your shower gel get ingested by fish in the seas and guess who gets to eat the fish? Dumping toxic waste improperly harms aquatic life and sooner or later, it also affects human life.

Do the Right Thing

Start doing the right thing and dispose of your toxic waste, including all petroleum products, the right way. It’s something that you don’t just do for the planet but your family first and foremost.