3 Sure Signs Your Car’s Exhaust System is in Trouble

Young auto mechanic fixing a car

How well do you know your car? Sure, you can tell when it’s time for a paint job, or when your tires need replacing, but how do you know when your exhaust system needs some repair or replacement?

Well, if you’ve noticed the following problems, then it’s time to drive to a reliable auto shop in Alexandria, VA such as Pinecrest Shell to have that exhaust system checked out.

Your engine is unusually noisy

The first way to tell that there might be a problem with your engine is to listen to the sound coming from under the hood. Is there are a chugging, tapping, hissing, or rattling noise? Then the manifold gasket could be in trouble. Funny sounds may also be an indication that the exhaust system is blocked.

The car is losing power

Problems with your exhaust system will usually affect your car’s performance. You will find that your car does not accelerate as quickly or as well as it used to. And when you do try to accelerate, you’ll notice that you aren’t getting as much power as you used to.

Unless you address the issue right away, the engine becomes increasingly weaker.

Your car is becoming a fuel guzzler

If your car has suddenly developed an unquenchable thirst for fuel, then you may want to examine your exhaust system. The explanation is simple. Since your engine has lost power, it now has to work harder than it used to keep you on the move.

That means it must consume more fuel. Unless you don’t mind burning more money to fuel your car, then you need to fix the exhaust leak right away.

Driving around in a faulty exhaust system is not just annoying, but it can also be quite expensive. As soon as you notice that there might be a problem with the system, having it promptly fixed is the best course of action.