Are Farm Quad Bikes Safe? Learn Here

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Quad bikes are a fast becoming an everyday all-terrain vehicle for farming in Australia. These ATVs come with unique features to maximise manoeuvrability and carrying capacity, principal among them being a small turning radius, a narrow wheelbase and low pressure on tyres. It is these features enable the bike to achieve high speed, even on rough terrain.

Matters Safety

Your farm quad bike, like any other all-terrain vehicle, can cause fatal farm accidents when you mishandle it. All accidents caused by this ATV are majorly due to recklessness and riding on unsuitable terrain. Therefore, take time to familiarise yourself with the all-terrain vehicle, and identify possible causes of these accidents to avoid them.

To emphasise more on the safety of farm quad bike for sale, you may want to look at the following safety measures:

Wearing the Right Headgear

Unlike with other vehicles, farm quads do not have a roll bar for protecting the rider’s head; therefore injuries are often fatal. Therefore, always put on protective clothing for safety purpose.

Regular Maintenance

Always practise routine maintenance of your farm quads. Confirm that your mechanic has done thorough servicing and proper lubrication of all the moving parts. Ensure the tires have the maximum pressure and good tread.

Not Exceeding the Quad’s Carrying Capacity

Never exceed the carrying capacity of your farm quad bike. Since this ATV is slightly unstable when you overload it, ensure the farm produce you are loading on your quad bike is less than its maximum load capacity.

It is essential you always ensure that the farm quad bikes for sale that you are purchasing are in good shape. Moreover, keep teenagers under the age of sixteen from riding your farm quad bike; even under close supervision, underage children should not ride quads. However, most importantly, follow the manufacturer’s manual for guidance on the particular terrain in which to use the ATV, and the right safety gear to wear.