Dealing with Used Car Dealers: What You Need to Know to Get a Good Deal

Dealer giving car keys to new couple

As a car buyer, you should keep in mind that you can always turn your back from a deal if you think you’re not getting a fair share. After all, you can always talk to another dealership. That is your edge over car salesmen. They may be cunning and experienced, but you have the power that you can use to your advantage.

Auction Direct USA and other experts list some things to take note of when dealing with car dealers in Jacksonville:

Do Your Homework

Gather as much information as you can about the car make and model you are eyeing to buy. There are many online sources for that. Bring your notes to the dealer when you are ready to buy. You should be ready with information on the car’s market value, trade-in estimates, and financing offers. Before negotiation, you must give an impression that you know what you’re talking about. This way, the salesman will not treat you like a pushover.

Be Ready with Your Budget

At the onset, most dealers will ask if you have a maximum amount in mind. Do not directly answer it. Keep your budget to yourself. If the salesman knows your spending limit, he will keep the number close to that amount. You will not have the advantage of negotiating for a price lower than your budget. 

Bring Along a Friend

If the salesman feels that you are not budging, he will ask for reinforcements. You can do the same. Bring a friend. He can help you repel the sales pitches thrown your way. You can play “good cop/bad cop” with your friend, with you acting as the reasonable and fair buyer, and your friend acting as the bad cop. This may work if the salesman brings in the sales manager to break the standoff. His boss would have the authority to give you a lower price.

Follow the advice in this post. After talking with the dealer, you’ll be driving home the car you’ve wanted to buy.