Get Your Kids to Have Fun Outdoors with These 4 Activities

Family having fun

Separating your kids from their rooms and gadgets can be a challenge these days. But some parents just need a little imagination to get them up and running outside. Bicycle specialist MADSEN Cycles believes that a cargo kid bike is great for bringing kids together outdoors.

Inflatable pools can instantly get kids off the couch as well. If you’re figuring out ways to get your children fresh air and sunlight, try these fun outdoor activities with them.

Create a backyard classroom

Get a large chalkboard and set it up in your backyard. Kids love to play teacher with multi-colored pieces of chalk. They can also play Pictionary or just simply draw their favorite artwork. You’ll be glad that the chalk dust’s outside your house, too.

Have an outdoor movie night

Set up a light-colored fabric in your backyard and hook up a projector to your laptop for an instant outdoor movie experience. Get the popcorn out and lay poufs and beanbags on floor mats or sleeping bags. Your kids can even invite their friends.

Go on a treasure hunt

Write down clues or tasks on a colored flag and hide them around your garden. Adjust the number of clues to how many kids are going to play. Be sure to have an awesome surprise for the treasure.

Create an outdoor art gallery

Give them pieces of thick white paper to draw on or to glue on bits of dried leaves and flowers. Hang a clothesline around your house or around the backyard and have them clip their masterpieces on. Then you can invite neighbors and friends for some biscuits and lemonade for an instant kiddie art exhibit.

Remember that kids can easily adapt to any outdoor activity because of their carefree nature. Let them discover the world for themselves by taking them outdoors. Teach them that there’s more to life than just screens and gadgets.