Here’s How Your Faulty Car Can Affect Your Driving Record

Smiling woman in driver's seat

There are many good reasons why motor vehicle driving laws exist, with the primary one being to maintain road safety and security, which means keeping everyone who uses it away from harm. These vary from state to state, but all share the common goal of protecting motorists, passengers, pedestrians, and property from potential disasters.

As a motor vehicle operator yourself, you know about these driving laws. However, you may be overlooking certain regulations that have more to do with the status of your car itself rather than your driving manner and behavior. As such, it’s time you take a closer look at your ride’s current performance and health, and make sure it’s up to standards.

Driving with certain defective car parts can lead to mechanical violations

In Salt Lake City, like everywhere else in Utah, all automobiles in operation need to have fully-functional taillights, red reflectors, turn signals, license plate lights, and brakes. When you drive with even just one of these broken, and a road law enforcement officer catches you, you can expect to receive a mechanical violation citation or traffic ticket.

Operating a pollutant-belching motor vehicle

Another reason to get your car checked out and repaired is when it obviously fails an emission test. Many parts of Utah, including Salt Lake, require motorists to have their vehicles undergo emissions tests, primarily for minimizing pollution. However, there’s more to this than just keeping your car eco-friendly; when it belches dark smoke, it can already indicate numerous problems, such as defective ignition, faulty oxygen sensor, and vacuum leaks among several others.

Although receiving a traffic ticket for non-compliance with Utah’s vehicle equipment code is already bad enough, what you should be more concerned of is your safety and that of your passengers and the other people on the road. This said, bringing in your car for a repair – and as promptly as possible – should be on the top of your list of priorities.