How to Ensure Safety When Working with Scaffolds at Home

Scaffolds are often used in commercial construction and can be utilized at home, too. However, safety rules are often forgotten just because the place is familiar and is deemed safe. Experts from Upright Aluminum Scaffolds propose some simple safety guidelines that you would want to keep in mind when you’re using a scaffold at home.

Wear Safety Gear

Scaffold safety begins from the time you put on your working clothes. As much as possible, wear safety equipment, such as helmets and gloves, at all times. In case you do fall from your upright scaffolds, you can minimize the injuries you may receive.

Follow Instructions

Another way to maximize safety with scaffolds is setting it up and using it properly. After all, they do come with instructions from its manufacturers. Keep working at a height that the manufacturers recommend for their outriggers. Check on your scaffold’s stability before you use it. A few minutes of your time spent on making sure that your scaffold is in a stable position will be more productive than the amount of time that you can spend injured or hospitalized.

Know When to Use and When Not to Use

As stable as scaffolds might look, there are situations where you’re better off climbing it on another day. Strong winds, for example, can make scaffolds too unstable to be set up or used properly. Don’t use your scaffold while an earthquake is in progress. And keep off it for the rest of the day to avoid the effects of aftershocks on your scaffolding.

Be Aware of Broken Parts

Scaffolds are used mostly for support so if there’s any part that’s broken, its capability to support you can be reduced. To prevent falls and possible accidents, make sure to check for any broken parts and get them fixed or replaced immediately.

Safety is important to keep in mind wherever you are and whatever you do. Remembering these important pointers when working with a scaffold at home can help preserve your life or even someone else’s. After all, working on your home won’t be worth it if you end up hospitalized.