Military Cars Sales Programs: What You Need to Know

Interior design of a luxury carIrrespective of your lifestyle and driving preferences, it is hard to go wrong with Volvo luxury automobiles. There is a whole line of models that can be ideal for various road conditions and climates. The best part is that you can either choose from the available inventory or choose to get a custom-built Volvo.

Volvo military sales programs are uniform across the board. Even so, the buying experience you will get may depend on the car dealers.  You want to ensure that you get your dream car coupled with the best customer service. Here are some facts you should know about Volvo military cars sales programs in Germany and other countries.

Who Is Eligible For Such Programs?

Volvo military purchases are not open to regular citizens. The sales programs are solely meant for US military personnel on active duty. They could also be offered to all retirees, though a component stamp will be required. Some of the beneficiaries of these programs include personnel in the air force, army, marine, navy, those who work in the department of defense and coast guards.

What Benefits Come With Every Purchase?

The most notable benefit is that you would get the Volvo model of your choice at significantly reduced prices. Purchases are tax-free, and you would not incur extra expenses for import duties if you want a US direct shipment. You also get a generous factory arranged maintenance period and AAA coverage. Most importantly, it is possible for you to get a custom-made Volvo design at quite rewarding terms.

What Do I Get With U.S. Spec Volvos?

When getting a Volvo with U.S. specification, you will not hassle to meet the legal requirements within the country.  You also benefit from the set factory rates and get support with processes such as insurance, registration and other vital formalities. U.S. spec Volvos also come with an impressive warranty.

When searching for a dealer, you may want to choose one that has an extensive history of serving diplomatic and military communities. Such an expert is likely to provide flexible options for shipment and delivery. Before purchasing your car through a program, ensure that you understand the specifics of the deal on offer.