The Power of Windows: How They Help Millennials in the Workplace

A Team of Employees Brainstorming in the Office

Now that the older millennials are in their thirties, they’re making big decisions. They are now raising families, buying homes, and entering the workforce. Considering their massive number, they are changing the way people do things.

For example, companies are now placing their meeting spaces near windows.

Millennials and Why They Prefer Large Windows

Companies that wish to attract the Y generation into their workforce should seriously consider improving their window treatment. Specialists such as Jo-Vin can help them with it. The question is why. It turns out this generation likes the vertical spaces.

They prefer walls where they can be creative than traditional desks in the boardroom. They are also moving their meeting spaces near big windows. The reason is the daylight. For some people, the open windows are symbolic. They encourage individuals who share their opinion or ideas.

In the process, they can maximize their collaboration. A study, though, provides a different explanation.

Supporting Studies

The study published in Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine illustrates how natural light impacts the body’s biological clock. In the research, the team divided the participants into two. Some work in windowless offices. About 22 worked near the windows. All of them were on a day shift.

Those who worked near windows slept at least 46 minutes more than those who didn’t have windows. Moreover, they were likely to sleep undisturbed. The ones with windows also had a higher chance of exercising more frequently.

In other studies, large windows can give them access to the green spaces. These places can potentially reduce the feelings of stress. Their cortisol levels dropped. A person who is not feeling the stress and can sleep well is more likely to think clearly.

They can focus more on the issues and thus contribute better to the discussions and the organization.

Not all offices have large windows, but with the right treatment, they can take advantage of natural light.