The Way to a Simpler Lifestyle: Make More than You Spend

Many people take saving money for granted and then end up hitting rock bottom. It’s often difficult to recover from this situation. Other than living hand to mouth, your credit may suffer too, making it even harder to get back on your feet.

To avoid finding yourself in a crisis, it is important to start making and saving money early, while you’re still young. It’s a common mistake to think that your twenties are the time to party, and taking life more seriously comes later. Start early and you’ll enjoy a worry-free lifestyle. You’ll be happier with a simple lifestyle, believe it or not.

Here’s what to do:

Look for Good Deals

When you buy something brand new, you may be wasting money. If you buy clothes on sale, however, you’re getting the same quality for less. Buy simpler clothing that never goes out of fashion, and learn to mix and match.

You can save on big purchases, as well. For example, instead of buying a brand new car, wait until what you want is available in used car lots or online. Auction Direct USA says when you buy a pre-owned vehicle, you can get it for a fraction of the original cost. Keep checking the used car prices in Jacksonville and you’ll eventually find the make and model that’s right for you.

Get Back to Basics

A pair for work, a pair for exercising, and a pair for casual moments – those are really all you need. Mixing and matching allow you to buy fewer clothes. Replacing your phone’s data plan with a lower plan or a basic phone plan (if you don’t use mobile Internet often anyway) can save you lots of money in the long term. Settle for free TV instead of cable.

Learn to Say No

Friends may ask you to hit the bar after work or go on a vacation in Singapore or any other destinations. These things may be fun, but they cost money. Learn to say no politely when people ask you to spend more than you make. Resist the temptation of dipping into your savings for such luxuries. If you really want to go on a holiday, open a separate bank account and save for it.

Go to Free Places

There are places you can visit for free if you’re bored or are looking at some free time. Museums (some may charge just a few bucks), free concerts, the park, the woods, etc. – these are great places to immerse yourself in culture, relax, and not spend a fortune.

A simple lifestyle is the only real answer to money problems. If you don’t feel compelled to spend on anything you don’t truly need, you’ll keep that money in the bank for future use.