Top 5 Things to Do Before Moving House

Young couple in love moving in a new home

You’re almost done packing everything you’re bringing to your new house, from that massive chandelier down to your vintage tea sets. You’ve also packed your beloved plants and got your pet’s records from your vet. Your gut feeling, however, is still telling you that you’ve forgotten to do something. Perhaps it’s some or all of the following:

Sending out notifications of your address change.

This is something you should do as soon as you can. In some cases, this change could take two weeks to be completely processed. Nevertheless, allot time to send out your notifications and start by compiling a list of the people and places you’ll be sending them out to.

Cancelling recurring charges on your credit card.

This should be done at least a month prior to the last day that you’ll be using the subscription, or you might get charged for another month and won’t be able to do anything about it. Of course, you only need to do this for location-specific charges, such as a gym membership, medicine delivery, or food delivery services.

Organising your expected finances.

It’s easy to forget about your monthly finances during a busy move. For your mortgage, rent, utilities, and other monthly bills, consider setting up an automatic payment system with your billing company or bank to ensure that you’ve got everything covered.

Taking photos and making lists of what’s inside your boxes.

This is especially helpful for electronic items, especially if setting them up again might be an issue. For instance, your modem or the cables that connect to your desktop computer system might look unfamiliar to you once they’re disassembled, so taking photos before disassembly is helpful. Likewise, having lists and photos of your boxes’ contents would help find things easily while you get things out of your truck rental and unpack them in your new home.

Creating a ‘Go-To’ bag or box.

This bag or box should hold things that you’ll need for the first 24 hours or so in your new abode. In general, you should put some cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies (if cooking), eating utensils, towels, some clothes, and toiletries.

Moving to a new house, whether an hour away from your old one or to a different area altogether, is a huge undertaking. It’s easy to get wrapped up in everything that you forget some or all of these things. If you can manage to remember them, you’ll be surprised at how much more organised your move will be.