Towing a Low Slung Exotic Car the Right Way

Tow Car

Gone are the days when towing was all about attaching a crane in front, hitching the vehicle up and pulling it off. Modern car designs have added so much to the front bumper, making this approach potentially catastrophic to the car’s aesthetics.

If you own an exotic low-slung vehicle, you should be concerned about how your choice of car towing expert will handle removals. Here are the top towing options that won’t harm your car:

The Trailing Cable Tow

This is appropriate if the car can still steer and break. You will need someone behind the wheel and all the towing truck will do is attach to the car’s chassis from the front and pull it along. The fact that the towing cable won’t have to raise the car up gives an almost natural towing position that will be least likely to harm your car.

A Cradle Under The Front Wheels

If you don’t have the spare driver, you could consider a modern solution to this problem — placing the car’s front wheels onto a towing platform with a wheel. Think of it as towing a trailer with a third wheel. The wheel on the cradle will do all the steering work and the car won’t have to be raised to ridiculous angles.

A Drive-On-to Rescue Truck

A drive-on-to track has a ramp that will let you push the car onto the flatbed for transportation. If the car can’t move, consider trucks with a crane that can hoist the car onto itself. This is the safest approach and most exotic car owners will even use it when moving their cars from one place to another.

Choosing the right tow for your exotic car is not only for convenience. It ensures that the car retains its aesthetics and that you don’t damage the delicate suspension by putting too much weight on the rear wheels.